So, my first post! If you’ve just landed here, you might want to read my About page.

I’m Matt and I’ve decided to start a blog about my homebrewing experience.

I’ve been homebrewing for years, mostly kits, and want to start experimenting a bit more as well as learning and sharing my knowledge, success and failures (!) with other people. I recently brewed 80 pints of beer for a friend’s wedding, it went down really well (and far too quickly 😮 ) and I also got loads of great comments – I even had someone ask for my contact details so they could email me for some guidance, that was really the inspiration for the blog.

I’m going to attempt to blog about all things brewing, the importance of sanitisation, the equipment needed and of course making beer. I’ve only made kits so far, but will be working my way up to all grain.

So, if you like beer, brew your own or want to try making your own, follow me…