So, as always, I’ve been terrible with actually updating this site! In good news though, the latest batch of beer seemed to go down well, and although it looks a bit like ditch water it tasted pretty good 🙂

I farmed a few bottles out to colleagues at work for some constructive criticism so looking forward to getting that back after New Year.

I feel like I’m improving my processes each time I brew, I have some ideas to make things a bit tidier and have just invested in an auto syphon and will dig out my bottling attachment to try and speed up/simplify the bottling process.

One thing to aim to do next year is improve the clarity of the beer, so it looks less like dirty water and more like something people will actually want to drink.

As much as I would like to get some more homebrew started, I’ve quite a collection of beer in the house at the moment due to my birthday and then Christmas, so I think it might be a couple of months – especially as I’ve been ill and not drunk anything over Christmas!


Plenty of beer at the moment!