Out of date malt extract of an unknown colour, what could possibly go wrong!?

Well rather than throwing away and wasting what might be perfectly good malt extract I decided to brew with it. The extract in question has been in the cupboard for a while, I was clearing up and this was going to go in the bin but I decided, for the cost of a packet of yeast I might as well give it a go.


homebrew beer kit ingredients

Ingredients assembled

The other advantage of using up a kit is that relatively quickly I can get 40 pints of beer brewing and still have time to pop out to the shops before dinner.

Both cans of LME were added to the sterilised fermenter (now with tap for bottling!) dissolved with boiled water and topped up with cold water from the tap. I obviously used a bit too much hot water as the temperature was around 25C according to the stick-on thermometer.

Whilst waiting for this to cool so I could pitch the yeast, I decided it would be a good time to test the parts of my BrewPi build that I had started on – a good exercise to see how closely calibrated the sticker and probe were. I had a small issue with not being able to reach the web server (we have changed router since I last connected the Pi to the network) and getting the beer and room probes the wrong way round, but it was soon up and running. For the moment, the Pi is just logging temperature, when I get some time I should be able to get it to control my heat mat as well.

The fermenter was then moved out to our utility room, where the English spring air would help bring the temperature down; thankfully I could monitor this on my Kindle Fire without having to step outside.

Once suitably cooled, the yeast was pitched, airlock filled and the fermenter wrapped in a fleece to try and keep some temperature in it overnight. The fermenting bucket is sat on a heat tray, so I can switch this on as necessary to warm the wort up, I also have a timer, so I can set it up to switch on and off at intervals to try and maintain the temperature.

homebrew fermenting

All done 🙂