A few weeks ago I experimented with a mystery brew using some left over liquid malt extract I found in our utility room (brewery!)

It took an awfully long time to ferment, in the end I left it whilst we went on holiday and kegged it after we got back. The gravity readings had stabilised but never really got as low as I was expecting – I didn’t even both writing it down, but it got to around 3.2% ABV by the end.

I wanted to try and make kegging/bottling a bit simpler, so I added a tap to my fermenter a couple of months ago, this is the first chance I’ve had to use it. The plastic adapter that pushes onto the tap for use with a bottling stick was also the correct size to push some syphon tube into, this meant I could leave the keg on the ground, and run the tube down into it and use gravity as opposed to needing to syphon.


Thankfully this worked perfectly, with no leaks. A quick twist of the tab and the beer ran down into the keg, I’d already measured some sugar into the bottom ready for priming.

I then left the beer for a couple of weeks, today I poured the first pint from it. It looks pretty good but smells of nothing more than malt extract. Its drinkable, but not one of my finest, I’m not sure you would choose to drink it, I imagine it tastes a bit like drinking LME….