I brewed my most recent batch of beer a few weeks back, having bought a few new bits of equipment and found a recipe online for a version of Adnams Southwold.

Thankfully, I seem to be getting the hang of things a bit now, so everytime we brew, we make a little less mess and take a little less time!

I amended the Southwold recipe a bit as I fancied doing something of my own, and I already had some hops and grain ‘in stock’. This is what I ended up with after a bit of playing around in Beersmith:

Nice set of ingredients 🙂

and some new scales for weighing out hops with a bit more accuracy!

This is the largest all grain brew I’ve done so far, pushing the limits of my equipment slightly, but managed without any boilovers.

I even got my BrewPi out and running, although not yet controlling temperature, that’s something I still need to find time for. At the moment, the process (when it cool outside) involves keeping an eye on the temp and manually switching a head pad on under the fermenter, I’ll get around to hooking this up to BrewPi at some point.