I had an email this week from Home Brew Online promoting their new Crafty Fox range. I’ve been meaning to experiment with some full grain brewing for a while so this seems like a great idea to give it a first try.


Crafty Fox All Grain Starter Kit (IPA)

The kits come in two forms Рa recipe refill kit with all the ingredients, or a starter kit that also comes with the essential equipment such as demijohn, thermometer, hydrometer and air lock.

There is an accompanying video that walks through the steps of making the beer, I don’t think I’m going to have any problems with the process, but nice to know there is a quick video guide to watch if I get stuck!

The kit will make around a gallon of beer, so the ingredients kit works out at around a ¬£1 a pint excluding water and power costs – maybe not the cheapest way to brew, but certainly cheaper than the pub and a good idea for beginners like me. I’ve already got plenty of equipment so I’ve ordered a refill kit of the IPA. I look forward to giving it a go in the next few weeks!