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My dislike of capping bottles…

After what seemed like a very long time, my Black IPA finally appeared to have stopped fermenting and I was excited to get it bottled up! It feels like the process of brewing has been getting much easier (and cleaner) the more I do, but bottling apparently remains a bit of an artform.


After a busy few weeks where I’ve not been at home much, today I managed to get the Pale Ale bottled. Unfortunately I only ended up with 10 bottles, I think I lost a lot of liquid to the dry… Continue Reading →

Success, and lots of beer…

So, as always, I’ve been terrible with actually updating this site! In good news though, the latest batch of beer seemed to go down well, and although it looks a bit like ditch water it tasted pretty good 🙂 I… Continue Reading →

Crafty Fox IPA All Grain – Part 3

Hey, welcome back to the third part of my Crafty Fox brew – take a look here for part 2 and here for part 1. The boil went pretty well, without spilling over so I hadn’t even made a mess at… Continue Reading →

Crafty Fox IPA All Grain – Part 2

Second part of my first all-grain brew – mashing, sparging and boiling!

Crafty Fox IPA All Grain Kit – Part 1

First part of my experience with the Crafty Fox all grain home brew kit – my first time brewing all grain!

Crafty Fox from Home Brew Online

New all grain starter kits from Home Brew Online – looking forward to trying out my first All Grain brew!

Sparkler Tap

I had some vouchers from Christmas to use at one of the online homebrew suppliers and as well as buying some bits for my BrewPi project I also picked up a sparkler tap. My King Keg was still half full… Continue Reading →

Fermenter Upgrade

A quick how to on my fermenter upgrade – adding a tap for easy kegging and bottling and a thermowell for future temperature control .

First Brew – Part 2

The second part of my Youngs American Pale Ale kit post – its now in the Keg.

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