After a busy few weeks where I’ve not been at home much, today I managed to get the Pale Ale bottled.

Unfortunately I only ended up with 10 bottles, I think I lost a lot of liquid to the dry hops. I also realised how truly terrible my bottle capper is, it seems to slide off at angles and makes bottling without knocking bottles over everywhere very difficult. I look forward to the day I can find space for a worktop mounted one.

The beer smelt good, and I managed to bottle everything without making a complete mess ☺️ I added a tap to one of my small fermenter buckets and used the bottling stick to fill the bottles. Everything was sterilised and filled up within the hour.


My two small fermenting buckets, now with added tap!

Ten bottles are now sat in our, previously very empty, beer cupboard, hopefully they’ll be ready to drink in a couple of weeks.