This weekend I tried an experimental black IPA using up ingredients I had to hand anyway.


Malts ready for mashing

It’s currently sat bubbling away in the fermenter so I’m pretty sure it’s beer!

I had the below malts to hand :

  • Extra pale Marris Otter
  • Crystal Dark
  • English Caramalt
  • Crisp Black

And I had these suitable sounding hops:

  • Simcoe
  • Mosaic
  • Citra

I fired up Beersmith, loaded a black IPA profile and started adding ingredients until I got a beer with something like all the correct attributes.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t really the way to design a beer, but hopefully it’ll be something nice and drinkable.

New temperature control!

I’ve also not had time to finish building temperature control relays for my BrewPi so I bought one of these Inkbird controllers for the time being. So far so good, it’s held the fermentation temperature pretty steady, just switching a heat pad on and off as necessary.

I’ll update back here when I know how it tastes, if it’s any good, I’ll share the recipe!