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Bench Capper and Bottling

I found some time last night to bottle the Dead Pony Club clone and was hoping for some capping success using my new bench bottle capper

How not to brew beer!

This weekend I had the chance to fit a quick few hours of brewing in; wanting to stick with something simple that I had brewed before, I dug out the recipe for Brewdog’s Dead Pony Club. I was hoping everything… Continue Reading →

My dislike of capping bottles…

After what seemed like a very long time, my Black IPA finally appeared to have stopped fermenting and I was excited to get it bottled up! It feels like the process of brewing has been getting much easier (and cleaner) the more I do, but bottling apparently remains a bit of an artform.

Black (Cat) IPA

This weekend I tried an experimental black IPA using up ingredients I had to hand anyway. It’s currently sat bubbling away in the fermenter so I’m pretty sure it’s beer! I had the below malts to hand : Extra pale… Continue Reading →


After a busy few weeks where I’ve not been at home much, today I managed to get the Pale Ale bottled. Unfortunately I only ended up with 10 bottles, I think I lost a lot of liquid to the dry… Continue Reading →

A Small Batch of American Pale Ale

The warm British summer this year hasn’t been ideal for someone who makes beer without the advantage of any cooling equipment so brewing has taken a bit of a backseat for the past couple of months. The temperature however has… Continue Reading →

English Ale

My first real attempt a modifying a recipe – a traditional English Ale

Last Couple of Bottles

No new brews, but Dead Pony Club clone is maturing nicely.

Success, and lots of beer…

So, as always, I’ve been terrible with actually updating this site! In good news though, the latest batch of beer seemed to go down well, and although it looks a bit like ditch water it tasted pretty good 🙂 I… Continue Reading →

Getting back to brewing.

After an extended absence from brewing, its time to try out a new brew in our new kitchen!

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