I’ve bought what I hope is a rather nice kit for this brew. It’s an American Pale Ale made by Youngs and comes with everything you need, in the box you get:

  • Hopped malt extract
  • Brewing sugar
  • Hop pellets
  • Priming sugar
  • Yeast
  • Instructions!

First step, sterilising everything. I mixed the sterilising solution in the fermenting bucket, chucked everything I was going to use in it, replaced the lid and swirled. I also washed down and sanitised the kitchen worktop so I could put things down on it, although I usually just keep the bucket lid upturned on the worktop and put sterilised things on that.

Next up, cut the top off the bag of malt extract and squeeze it into the bucket

Boiling water goes in next, followed by a good stir to dilute the malt extract. At this point my stirring spoon snapped in half, my next purchase will be a stainless steel spoon….

Sugar follows and then top up with cold water to the 25 litre mark, this should also bring the temperature down to the correct window – I have a stick on thermometer and it was reading about 21C, looks good to me

At this point I used my trial tube and the hydrometer to take a gravity  reading, OG was 1.052.

As per the instructions, I sprinkled the yeast over the wort and gently stirred it in.

Final touches, lid on and secure, added the airlock (filled with some cool boiled water) and set it in the corner of the utility room to start fermenting.

And that is that for now, ¬†will update in a few days, hope I’ve not forgotten anything!