I’m Matt and I live in rural(ish) Hertfordshire in England

I’ve been brewing at home for years and have often had comments on how good the beer turned out as well as people asking for help and advice. I made the beer for my own wedding and more recently my best friend’s wedding, where it went down very well (although it was a wedding, most beers would have gone down well 🙂 ).

I’ve decided to start a blog to record my own adventures, get some advice and maybe even teach or inspire others – hopefully it will be a good education for everyone, me included!

I’ve brewed many homebrew kits over the years, I’ve also been on a brewing course but have never had the space to do full grain brewing at home. I’m going to give it more of a go now though, we have a nice space cleared in our beer room (utility room!) and I’ll pick up extra equipment as we go along.

Happy brewing!